Whether you are selling a commercial property or looking to attract new tenants, it is crucial to have high-quality and up-to-date photos. When taken by a professional commercial real estate photographer, the photos can significantly help generate interest. As a result, agents are able to sell their listings faster and for the best price.

A Commercial Real Estate Photographer is Crucial for Making a Great First Impression

Property photos are the vital first impression that can make or break a commercial real estate deal. If you haven’t already hired a professional photographer to shoot your listings, you should strongly consider doing so. Here are 7 real estate photography statistics to consider:

  1. Buyers spend 60% of their time looking at listing photos, and only 20% each on the listing description and agent description.1
  2. 83% of buyers cited pictures as very important.2
  3. You have two seconds to grab the buyer’s attention without a photo, and 20 seconds with a photo.3
  4. Listings with professional photographs sell 32% faster, spending only 89 days on the market compared to 123 for other properties.4
  5. Only 15% of listings have high-quality photography, with half of over $1 million listings using low-quality photos.5
  6. Listings with professional photos receive 118% more online views.6
  7. Professional photography can help sell your listing 39% closer to the original listing price.6
  8. Listings with professional photographs sell 32% faster.7

4 Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Real Estate Photographer

One of the most effective strategies to sell real estate is by leveraging the services of a local photographer. Specifically, a commercial real estate photographer experienced in enticing buyers with stunning and up-to-date images of the property. Agents who work with a professional real estate photographer for their listings often see an increase in interest, attract better buyers, and elevate their brand resulting in more referrals and listings.

Improve Your Listings

Photos captured via mobile phones and point-and-shoot cameras are unable to deliver high-quality results. An experienced commercial real estate photographer knows all the tools and equipment needed to capture high-quality photos. In addition, only a commercial real estate photographer knows the perfect angles that will make the property photos enticing. With the correct lighting, composition, and clarity, the photography will help best market the commercial property.

Capture the Buyer’s Attention

High-quality photographs have the power to bring in leads and capture the buyers’ interest in the property. On the other hand, poor-quality photos will leave a bad impression among potential buyers who will move away from your property. This sums up the importance of having a stunning visual representation of your property that only a commercial real estate photographer can generate. With professionally captured photographs of your property, you will have an edge over other listings when potential buyers go through property images.

Increase the Selling Price

With quality photographs of your property, you have the opportunity to command a higher selling price for your property. Professional photographs that neatly capture the beauty of your house and surroundings have a positive impact on its price and you can look to attract buyers with a higher selling price. Images are often more powerful than words and several studies proved that properties with professional photographs in California often get sold at higher prices.

Higher Commission for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents can earn a higher commission if they incorporate commercial photography in their property listings. Individuals looking to sell their properties in California will certainly look to hire a real estate agent who hires a California commercial photographer to increase the value of their property to sell it at higher prices. The agents, in turn, earn a higher commission if the property is sold at higher prices thanks to the amazing photographs and other marketing strategies.

Find a Commercial Real Estate Photographer in California

Working with a professional commercial real estate photographer is not an extra expense. Rather, it is a worthwhile investment that will give your commercial property an edge in the market. With quick turnaround times and extensive experience, the commercial real estate photographer at Studio Sera Photography will help showcase your property in the best light. We are an award-winning photography studio based in San Diego, California. To learn more about our photography services or to work with a top-rated commercial real estate photographer in California, contact our team today.


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